Once registered, you can access the general leaderboard and your individual challenge dashboard. You have until July 1st to complete and post all your kilometers.

In there, you will be able to upload or sync your activities from your sports watch and track your progress and accomplishments.

To post your kilometres:

1. Go to
2. Log into your account
3. Click on “My Challenge Dashboard” on the Celebrate Canada Challenge 2023 event.
4. Click “Add Activity Manually” to post manually or “Connect your watch” if you want to submit your activities automatically from your sports watch or fitness tracker.
5. When adding manually, enter your activity date, kilometres and duration, then click the “Submit” button. Your activity will be posted immediately. You will see your totals below.

Using the tracking system is simple and straightforward, but if you have any issues, we are happy to help; send us an email at

Take on the challenge and join the celebration!

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