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However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, we are more than happy to help; just shoot us an email at hello@mychallengecanada.ca

To register, go to: https://race.mychallengecanada.ca/register/CelebrateCanada

Questions About Registration

Q. How do I register to the Celebrate Canada Challenge?

To register, please go to the Celebrate Canada Challenge Registration Page and create a new account or log into your existing account for a simple and secure registration process:


Q. What/When/Where is the Celebrate Canada Challenge?

Celebrate Canada Challenge is a 156 km running/walking challenge to celebrate Canada’s 156th birthday.

As you complete the challenge, you’ll be able to reflect on Canada’s rich history, celebrate the growth and evolution of Canada as a nation, and connect with other Canadians who share a love for Canada’s history, culture and community; and earn the first piece of the most original ever C.A.N.A.D.A. medal collection, making it a fun way to stay active and healthy.

You have until July 1st, 2023, to complete the challenge and log your kilometres. Start your journey any time and complete the 156km at your own pace. 

The challenge is open to participants of all levels, from beginners to experienced marathoners from anywhere in the world.

Q. Which are the supported charities for Celebrate Canada Challenge 2023?

This year the supported organizations are the CHEO Foundation (Dedicated to the best life for every child and youth, CHEO is a global leader in pediatric health care and research) and Discovery House (Support care to women and their children fleeing domestic violence).

Q. How does Celebrate Canada Challenge work?

Celebrate Canada Challenge is a 156 km running/walking challenge to celebrate Canada’s 156th birthday.

You have until July 1st, 2023, to complete the challenge and log your kilometres. Start your journey any time and complete the 156km at your own pace. 

Track your run on one of the many GPS tracking systems, apps or sport watches, upload your run, and watch your name move up the leaderboard. You can also opt to post your runs manually.

Q. How much does Celebrate Canada Challenge cost?

  • Early Bird pricing is $70 CAD (until April 30th, 2023), including free SWAG shipping to Canada and the USA.*
  • From May 1st to July 1st $99 CAD*


Q. Do I get a finisher’s medal?

Yes, of course! We will ship the first batch of medals in early June.

Q. What do I get when I register? Do we get any SWAG?

YES! All runners that register will receive:

  • Limited Edition Collectible Finisher’s medal
  • Unique Cell Phone Sticker
  • Official Virtual Race BIB
  • Access to a participant-only Facebook Community
  • Finisher virtual badge to celebrate and share your accomplishment
  • Innovative and user-friendly tracking platform to register your km and follow the journey
  • World-class customer support

Q. Are there shipping charges?

No – shipping is included within Canada and the USA. 

For international shipping, there is a $15 CAD nominal surcharge.

Q. Can I participate Internationally?

Absolutely! Of all the participants, about 15% live outside of Canada.

We just ask for a nominal $15 CAD for additional shipping charges if outside Canada or USA.

Q. Can I change my address?

We will ask you for your shipping address during registration. Please be careful. If you need to change your address, please email us at hello@mychallengecanada.ca to update it.

Q. How do I download my bib number to share on social media?

After registration, you will see a confirmation page with your BIB number and a link to download the printable. You can also find the download link in the registration confirmation email.

Q. Are there refunds or transfers?

Registration for Celebrate Canada Challenge is non-refundable, non-deferrable and non-transferrable. Discounts are not retroactive.

Register Here!


Questions About Tracking

Q. How do I track and report my run?

To post your distances:

1. Go to race.mychallengecanada.ca

2. Log into your account

3. Click on “My Challenge Dashboard” on the event you want to post

4. Click “Add Activity Manually” or “Connect your watch” if you want to submit your activities automatically from your sports watch or fitness tracker.

When adding manually, enter your activity date, kilometres and duration and click the “Submit” button. Your activity will be posted immediately and you will see your totals below.

Q. How do I sync my sport watch to upload my kilometres automatically?

To connect your sports watch or fitness tracker and post your activities automatically follow the next steps:

1. Go to race.mychallengecanada.ca

2. Log into your account

3. Click on “My Challenge Dashboard” on the event you want to post

4. Click “Connect your watch” 

5. This will open your Personal information page, the click on the orange link that says “Connect your watch” 

6. Read the instruction is the grey box and then click on the orange CONNECT WITH STRAVA button

7. Log into your Strava account or create a free Strava account

8. Click on the orange Authorize button

9.Go back to your challenge dashboard and toggle the Connect your Watch button to post all of your subsequent activities automatically towards your Celebrate Canada Challenge

Q. Can I run/walk on a treadmill? What about Trail miles?

Yes, you may run/walk either outdoors or on a treadmill. Yes, for Trail miles.

Q. Does walking count?

Yes! Running, walking, hiking, skipping, galloping, trotting – anything completed on foot can count! 

Q. Do I need a GPS watch/tracker or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?

You can use one if you wish, but it is not essential. 

If you use a GPS watch or fitness app, your kilometres can be added automatically, if not, you can enter your activities manually.

Q. Do I have to run a specific distance daily, or can I break it up and run more over the weekends?

You can run or walk as much or as little as you want on a given day. Just add distance to progress on your challenge.

Q. How will I report my kilometers?

Refer to the “Tracking” section for full details.

Q. I don’t have time to log km on a regular basis. Is there an option to not have to do this?

Yes! Since this event works within the Honour System, if you decide that you don’t want to enter your km regularly and you don’t care about watching yourself vs. others on the leaderboard, you can log weekly, monthly, or you can keep up with your own km, and when you finish, send an email to us, and we’ll send your medal to you.

Remember that you can sync your sports watch or fitness app to add them automatically.

Q.What stops participants from cheating?

We do have many ways to identify cheating. However, we acknowledge that no matter what we do, some people will always cheat, as they do at in-person events, if that’s what they want to do. There are no prizes for finishing faster. If someone wants to cheat, they are fooling themselves and wasting their money.

Questions About Support

Q. How do I contact you for customer support?

We are always one email away to help you during your challenge. Please write us at hello@mychallengecanada.ca. We’d be happy to help.

Q. What’s your phone number?

We discontinued phone support in 2022. We believe email is the ideal support channel for detailed inquiries, making it straightforward to consider and respond to your questions thoughtfully.

We strive to provide clear and concise answers to your questions, but sometimes we need to research and review with coworkers before responding, which may require putting you on hold or calling you back. Phone support is not documented, so any special arrangements made may be inaccurately recorded. Email inquiries are associated with your account and visible to our entire team. We review every customer interaction, documenting and addressing issues to prevent recurring problems and support you better.

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